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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Dexter manufactured?
A. All Dexter laundry equipment is manufactured in America by union labor in our plant in Fairfield, Iowa. The same goes for the majority of parts. Dexter even has their own foundry and stainless steel manufacturing facility to ensure quality control and reduce costs.

Q. What is the main reason for Dexter’s greater durability than some of the other makes?
A. Probably the single greatest feature in durability is the use of heavy, oversized bearings and seals. This better withstands the heat and severe movement encountered. The same bearings used in our washers are also used in our dryers.

Q. How do we know Dexter’s washers are so durable?
A. Every Dexter washer model must go through 1000 hours of destructive testing. One-half the rated load of the washer is attached to one side of the drum to simulate an uneven load. The washer must then perform at full speed for 1000 continuous hours (42 days) without fail. Every washer model in the line must meet this criteria before going on the market.

Q. How does the washer selected affect drying?
A. The greatest factor is the amount of residual moisture remaining in the items washed. All of Dexter’s primary line offers 100 G Force extraction for excellent moisture removal. They even offer an “Express” line that runs at a 200 G Force speed. These provide even greater reduction in drying time and drying energy and cost.