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Financing With SQS Laundry Equipment

SQS Laundry Equipment offers many competitive financing solutions for new laundry equipment, laundry expansion, laundry relocation or construction of new facilities. Many competitive solutions are available for financing self-service coin laundries. We will meet with you and customize the best solution for your needs. Financing is also available for clients new to the industry and experienced laundry owners. Most banks, or other funding sources, have limited knowledge of the commercial/industrial laundry business. SQS has developed exclusive sources that will fund your project.

SQS Laundry Equipment has the right solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Vendor Finance
  • Many SQS Laundry Equipment vendors offer attractive Variable and Fixed Promissory Note programs. The Payment Terms and Conditions can vary considerably to meet the needs of each project. The financing programs will include equipment cost, hook-up cost, laundry tenant improvements and equipment installation including start-up.
  • This program allows direct funding to existing customers with credit decisions based upon experience and existing cash flow.
  • Leasing programs are available to finance self-service coin laundries, which require no initial down payments. Leasing programs may offer additional tax incentives for the individual investor. Some leases are fixed payment, fixed term and others are structured with lower payments that ramp up as the laundry revenue increases.
  • Capital and Operational leases will be customized to allow graduated flexible payment amounts, extended terms and potentially no down payments.
  • Off-balance leasing offers an excellent solution for many customers.
Bank Financing
  • SQS Laundry Equipment can assist you with your bank to help facilitate your loan to expand or purchase a new laundry.